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Breckenridge Elementary School




About:      Breckenridge Elementary School is the local elementary school,

                  serving preschool through grade 5. The school is within the Town

                  of Fincastle and has, in 2014/2015 an enrollment of 244.


Central Academy Middle School




About:        Central Academy Middle School serves students in grades 6-8. It is

                   located just outside the Town of Fincastle Town limits, and is served

                   by Town utilities. Central Academy's enrollment for the 2010/2011

                   school year is 454.


Botetourt Technical Educational Center




About:        The Botetourt Technical Educational Center is located on Poor Farm

                   Road, between the School Administration Offices and Central Academy.

                   The school offers speciality training programs for both students of the

                   public school system and adults beyond.

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