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Town seeks to Incorporate Service Area

Town of Fincastle

November 15, 2017



Fincastle Discussing Boundary Adjustment Possibilities 


Mayor Mary Bess Smith says that the Town of Fincastle’s Town Council has discussed asking the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors for a boundary adjustment.  Smith said, “The Town is interested in working with affected property owners to create an open dialogue to communicate, inform, and discuss the rationale for such an adjustment, so that we can move forward together in this process.”


While discussing the possibility of a boundary adjustment, Smith said, “One of the biggest concerns raised in a situation like this is often related to the perception that these efforts are undertaken to raise funds (taxes).  In Fincastle’s case, the fact is that the Town has no additional property or real estate taxes (outside of those already assessed by Botetourt County), and instead, we are seeking this boundary adjustment to allow for increased input into decisions about growth and development from those citizens who will be most affected by it.”.   She goes on to state that much of the proposed boundary adjustment would include the areas already served by the Town’s water and sewer systems.  


The main reasons for the need to adjust the Town of Fincastle’s boundary are three fold:

  1. To encompass the existing service area of the Town’s water/sewer system.

  2. To better facilitate sustainable and compatible growth along the 220 corridor in and around Fincastle.

  3. To ensure that decisions regarding growth and development have direct input from those most impacted by it.

“With these reasons as our backdrop, we hope give the County Board of Supervisors a compelling reason to approve our request for a boundary adjustment,” said Smith.


Smith said that more discussions will be held as the process moves forward.


If you would like more information, please contact David Tickner, Fincastle Town Manager at 540-473-2200  or email at:

Below you can find some informational items that may answer some questions you have, or give you additional insight into the Town's objectives:

Question and Answer: the process, what will and won't change, and other general questions -  Q & A

Compelling Reasons for A Boundary Adjustment: Compelling Reasons for a Boundary Adjustment

For a copy of the draft agreement please click HERE

Map of current boundary, service area and proposed boundary

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