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Water system Consumer Confidence Report Now Available

Every year, operators of public water systems in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to publish their Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports, also known as the Consumer Confidence Reports. This is a requirement of the Virginia Department of Health, and the reports give users of the system information about the quality of their drinking water. 


Customers of the Fincastle Water System, as well as others who may be interested in the quality of the water (parents of students attending one of the local schools, for example),  can review the report for Fincastle, which details the composition of the drinking water. 


The most recent Annual Water Quality Report, or Consumer Confidence Report, can be found by following the link below. A paper copy of the report is also available for inspection BY CALLING AHEAD TO ARRANGE A SAFE MEETING WITH STAFF at the Fincastle Town Offices at 25 Bank Square, Fincastle, VA 24090, between he hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Copies are also available upon request by contacting town staff at (540)473-2200 or via email  


A copy of the report will also be available at the Fincastle Library located at 11 Academy Street, Fincastle, VA 24090, during normal operating hours. 



2022 Fincastle Drinking Water Quality Report (CCR)

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